Man Builds His Rescue Dog With Trust Issues A Mini House In The Living Room To Let Him Have Some ‘Alone Time’


Just like humans, every dog is unique. Different dogs have different needs, and it’s our job to recognize and fulfill those needs.

When you have a dog who has been through trauma, it’s extra important to be sensitive to what makes your pup feel stressed and what makes it feel safe.

Sean Farrell is well aware of that and has put a lot of effort into making his rescue pup Buster as comfortable as possible.

Buster is a Staffordshire bull terrier with demanding anxiety issues.

The senior pup went through an unknown but deeply harrowing experience when living with his last owner which lead to the authorities intervening and removing Buster from the home.

Farrell, who initially had only agreed to foster Buster, ended up falling I love with the sweet, timid pup and adopted him.

Buster’s traumatic experience left him with considerable anxiety issues surrounding unknown men as well as generalized anxiety.

It was clear that the pup would need a lot of support to work through his issues, but Farrell was not daunted by this.

In fact, Farrell has been working tirelessly with Buster to resolve the pup’s trust issues.

As a way to improve his social confidence, Buster has been taking advantage of his cautious manner and worked as a therapy dog for the sick and elderly.

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