With the decade coming to a close, we thought it was about time we started planning our adventures next year. We always love finding the cheapest, best value destinations to visit and want to share that with you! So here are the cheapest countries to visit in 2020!


Yes, you can not have a list of the cheapest countries to visit in the world without Thailand having a spot. Although prices have risen in Thailand, it is only slightly – you can still find super cheap hotel rooms and tasty 40 baht meals throughout the country.

Explore Bangkok, our new home and an exciting, bustling city with so much to offer. Explore the free things to do in the city and head to the markets for delicious, affordable meals, snacks, and beer.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, you can find some perfect villas with private pools for as little as 1500 baht a night. We love heading to Hua Hin or the quieter islands and finding a cheap place to stay on Air B’n’B. Alternatively, you can find quaint bungalows and resorts in most areas of Thailand – we use Agoda to browse and book because generally, they have the cheapest prices for Asia. 


Budget – 250฿ – 600฿ for dorm beds or private rooms in guesthouses.

Mid-range – 800฿ – 1500฿ for private rooms in nice hotels

Luxury – top-end hotels can be found for as cheap as 2000฿


Streel stalls – 40 – 80฿

Sit down meals with a drink – 150 – 300฿

Buffet or high-restaurant 1000 – 2500฿


This European country is a popular destination, with Prague becoming a fantastic summer and winter destination. Personally, we love Prague at Christmas; the lights and markets just transform the city into something magical and beautiful. But, even though the city has grown in popularity, the prices have not.

Although more expensive than destinations in Asia, the Czech Republic is still one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. Make sure you explore beyond Prague to get cheap hotels and unique history but without the crowds.


Budget – 350+ CZK for hostel beds

Mid-range – 1500 – 2000 CZK for 3-4 star hotels

It is a great idea to rent an apartment from Air B’n’B, especially if you choose to stay on the outskirts of the city – you can get whole apartments from 900 CZK a night.


Beer in a local bar – 32 CZK

Deli lunches cost around 45 – 60 CZK

Sit down dinner for 2 costs 700 – 1000 CZK


Argentina used to be crazy cheap, then that became known and prices jumped it. Luckily for us, prices have gone back down after the countries financial crisis, so now is a great time to visit.

Hotel and flight prices are affordable but not super cheap, however, once you are in the country, food, drink, transport, and attractions make up for the price of accommodation.

Explore the glorious glaciers, famous Iguazú Falls and the city of Córdoba for the perfect picture.


Budget – 200 – 500 ARS for a dorm bed or private rooms with a shared bathroom.

Mid-range – Private rooms or homestays cost around 800 – 1500 ARS.


Street snacks or quick bites cost between 10 – 25 ARS.

Cafe meals cost around 100 ARS, double that if you want a drink too.

A sit-down restaurant in a decent restaurant will cost between 300 – 500 ARS.

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